Proximus contributes to improved security of online bookings

Going on a trip soon? Know that Proximus contributes to improving the security of your online bookings thanks to active cooperation against identity fraud.

The green light is back on for excursions or a trip at home or abroad. For many of us this is the time to book a trip quickly via an online service provider or booking platform.

But what about security when you create an account with these companies? How do they know it is you who is making an account and not a hacker or fraudster who has stolen your identity?

Proximus supports them in this together with Telesign.

Protecting against fake accounts and identity theft

When creating an account with an online service provider, verifying the identity of the user is an extremely important step.

In collaboration with TeleSign, a subsidiary of BICS (an international subsidiary of Proximus that offers data and voice to telecom providers), Proximus offers a solution that reinforces the data verification system of these service providers and thus helps them to validate the identity of their users.

This solution consists of checking the data you enter during the online registration process in real time with your Proximus mobile subscription data. Proximus delivers a score which indicates how well the data of a user who wishes to create an account match the data known by Proximus. In this way the creation of fake accounts can be quickly detected.

On the basis of the results, the service provider can determine the appropriate actions and authorise, block or mark a registration or transaction. It is very important to emphasize that during this process, individual data of mobile users are never shared with TeleSign or with the service providers and all GDPR rules are followed.

In this way, we support service providers in improving their authentication and verification processes in their fight against Internet fraud and you can be sure that you can create your account in complete security. All that remains now is to pack your bags and leave....

Keep it safe and have a good trip!