Proximus wins ABAF/BVFA Award for Best Financial Communication

The Belgian Association of Financial Analysts (ABAF/BVFA) has rewarded Proximus with this year's Award for Best Financial Communication. With this award, ABAF/BVFA aims to reward the Belgian listed companies that have stood out in terms of information for and communication with the financial community over the past year.

The Award competition for Best Financial Communication is an annual quality review for and by experts of the (international) financial community, under the auspices of ABAF/BVFA. With this Award, which has been presented for the sixtieth year in a row, the Belgian Association of Financial Analysts assesses the financial communication practices of some 50 Belgian listed companies.

In its assessment, ABAF/BVFA takes into account both financial (press releases, financial statements and notes, etc.) and non-financial information (communication on products and services, strategy, risks, etc.), as well as the company's overall relationships with investors. In addition to the main award, Proximus also shared the first place in the sub-award for "best non-financial information". In the subcategories "best financial information" and "best investor relations", it also ended up in the top five.

The participating analysts praised Proximus for sharing useful insights about developments in the telecom sector, as well as for the clear communication about the company strategy, the precision and reliability of the formulated outlook and the quality of the reporting on the financial results.

Additional information can be found on the ABAF/BVFA website.


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