Don't Miss the Call 2021: recycle 150,000 old mobile phones together with Proximus!

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Last year, Proximus launched the "Don't Miss the Call". The aim of this action is to collect and recycle old mobile phones and smartphones which are gathering dust in Belgian drawers. This number is estimated at no less than 3 million! So, it's high time for action.

Results 2020

Although the campaign took off like a rocket, the health crisis due to COVID-19 put spokes in the wheels. Our shops were closed for a while and our partners were unable to organize collections.

Yet, together we managed to collect and recycle 65,000 old phones! Of course, we can't content ourselves with this and that's why we're making another call this year with an even greater ambition.

Together for 150,000 collected mobile phones in 2021

Will you help us this year give our planet a helping hand by bringing your old mobile phone or smartphone to one of our shops?

This way, the raw materials from your old device can be reused and you're helping to create a sustainable alternative to the mining of natural resources. And at the same time, you're helping to raise money for EIGHT, a Belgian organization that fights poverty in African villages.

How can you contribute to "Don't Miss the Call"?

First and foremost, visit the "Don't Miss the Call" website.

You'll find lots of information on the importance of urban mining. This is the term used for extracting raw materials from electronic waste. It means that valuable materials such as gold, silver and copper are recycled, providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional mining, where natural resources are still extracted from nature.

You'll also be informed on how to erase the data from your mobile phone or tablet before bringing it in, to make sure your personal data and confidential information are deleted.

If you return your old mobile phone to a Proximus Shop, you'll receive a voucher worth at least €10. You can also choose to donate the entire amount of your voucher to EIGHT.

On this page of you'll find a calculation module allowing you to check how much your old mobile phone is worth.

The "Don't Miss the Call" campaign is the result of a collaboration between Proximus and Umicore.

Proximus commits to raising awareness among as many Belgians as possible and takes care of collecting the old mobile phones. After all, mobile phones are key to our business model and we want to assume our responsibility to make a positive contribution to our planet, including through this action. It's also our ambition to be a net positive and fully circular company by 2030.

As a global expert in recycling precious metals, Umicore will provide its recycling technology and process the mobile phones which are not suitable for the second-hand market. Scarce materials are for example reused in the production process of laptops and mobile phones.


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