Proximus pulls out all the stops for Belgian fans at EURO 2020

Thanks to a connected bracelet that will measure fans' emotions and a prediction platform, Proximus has come up with new ways of experiencing the exploits of the Red Devils.

With the stadiums set to be almost empty this year, Proximus wanted to offer Belgians a unique sporting experience during the EURO 2020 matches. Thanks to "Pickx Prono" and "The Belgian Heartbeat", available on the Proximus Pickx digital television platform, it will now be possible to predict matches and measure fans' emotions in real time. With these two initiatives, Proximus wants to encourage fans to really get into the European football championship matches by creating an exciting and inclusive experience, which often starts even before kick-off.

"The Belgian Heartbeat": "Measuring the excitement" made possible by Proximus

There are already many external statistics surrounding football matches: each match and each player can be analyzed down to the tiniest detail and with great precision. All this data is collected for statistical purposes and is used for half-time and post-match analyses. However, there is an important piece of data that is missing to get an overall view of the intensity of a match, especially this year, with a EURO 2020 that is unique to say the least, with (almost) empty stadiums: The excitement and involvment of the fans.

This is why Proximus is launching "The Belgian Heartbeat": thanks to a connected wristband, Proximus wants to be the first to generate data that captures the excitement and enthusiasm of fans during Red Devils matches in real time. Thanks to an integrated sensor and coupled with an application, this bracelet, combined with the smartphone, will collect reliable data on a voluntary basis (measuring heart rate, movements (arms up and fan jumping) and decibels) and will be used to compile aggregated statistics in real time. This tracker will be used to identify the moments that generated the most excitement during each Red Devils match.

A panel of 200 hand-picked individuals will wear the bracelet at each Red Devils match

This bracelet will be sent to a panel of 200 people, journalists and fans, who will wear it during each Red Devils' match and will thus make it possible to collect reliable and precise data on a voluntary basis, in order to compile aggregate statistics in real time. These include a number of Belgian personalities such as the former Miss Belgium and wife of Yannick Ferreira Carrasco, Noémie Happart, or the comedian and actor, Kody.

The Red Devils treat us to memorable moments at every match and I can't wait to express myself behind my screen to encourage them. With this connected bracelet, we will be able to show the Red Devils that their Belgian fans are there to support them.

On Pickx, from June 12

From June 12, the first match of the Red Devils at EURO 2020, all the aggregated data will be made available in real time on Pickx, Proximus' live and on-demand content platform. The statistics will then be available during each Red Devils match and will allow everyone, including journalists and sports commentators, to discover how fans experience the matches from home.

With the current situation, EURO 2020 will be very different from previous editions and without the full stadiums, it will be more difficult for us to tune into the fans’ response to the matches. We are looking forward to getting our hands on these statistics and finding out which of the high points fans found most thrilling.

Place your bets with "Pickx Prono" and predict all the matches of the tournament

Because the enthusiasm of fans starts long before the first whistle blows, Proximus is launching "Prono" on its Pickx platform, a fun feature that allows fans to predict the outcome of each match, whether it is the final result, the name of the first scorer or the minute of the first goal. Fans will be able to create or join a team and challenge other fans over a number of weeks to decide who will be the sports betting winner for this competition, with great prizes on the cards.

foto van iemand die gequote wordt

As a sponsor of the Red Devils for more than 25 years, it was important for us to offer fans new possibilities to experience the matches with a global approach: before the match starts thanks to the predictions, during the match by measuring their emotions thanks to the connected bracelet and after the match to analyze the moments that will have aroused the most enthusiasm. Thanks to these new features, it is now possible to experience the exploits of your favorite team like nowhere else. This perfectly reflects the Think Possible promise we want to bring to our customers and we look forward to helping engage fans in a disruptive way and keep this sport exciting despite the pandemic.

See you on June 12 for the first match of our Red Devils at EURO 2020 against Russia on, to learn all about the excitement and fervor of the fans in real time during the matches of the Red Devils. Also on the Pickx platform to post forecasts during the matches.


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