Refurbishing: a sustainable alternative

Today, smartphones, modems, decoders and other devices are quickly obsolete and in need of replacement. However, this does not necessarily entail buying a new device. Proximus has been focusing on refurbishing of modems and decoders for years, and is now also offering top-quality refurbished smartphones in its points of sale.

Refurbishing in a nutshell

Refurbishing means reconditioning obsolete devices to give them a new life. Thanks to this process, a smartphone, modem or decoder functions like new again and can therefore get a second life. A sustainable alternative because no new device needs to be produced.

Sustainable business, sustainable consumption

Sustainability is one of the pillars of our #Inspire2022 strategy and hence, Proximus is strongly committed to circularity, and that's why the company is focusing on reuse and extending the life of devices for its customers. This reduces raw materials depletion, waste and pollution, and helps our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

A few examples:

Refurbished smartphones are gaining popularity

By proposing refurbished smartphones to our customers, we are not only taking another step on the path to sustainability, but we also see that there is some interest from the customers as well ...

Our own research shows that 35% of Belgians would consider buying a refurbished smartphone. If we look at the reasons, 69% of this group puts forward budgetary considerations and 32% would do it primarily to promote recycling and reuse.

So durability and price are the two most important factors when buying a refurbished device. Or to put it in a slogan, "Better for the planet, better for your wallet!"



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