Proximus Ada moves into BeCentral to support its future growth

Five years after its inauguration, King Philippe visited the BeCentral campus in Brussels Central Station today. Proximus CEO Guillaume Boutin and Stephanie Cox, Managing Director of Proximus Ada, were present to speak with the monarch about the challenges related to digital sovereignty that our country is facing. They also had important news about Proximus Ada's future plans.

During the visit, Guillaume Boutin, surrounded by Ecole 19 students, announced the choice for the BeCentral campus at Brussels Central Station to host Proximus Ada.

The center of excellence in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity of the Proximus Group started its operations in spring 2022. It is designed to be a pillar of innovation and a center of expertise for all the companies in the Proximus Group, enabling them to develop and launch new applications but also to build a safer digital space for users and society.

150 digital specialists will gradually join the BeCentral community from the summer of 2023.

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Proximus Ada is the first Belgian center of expertise that combines artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Through Ada, we put our expertise in these two key areas at the service of Belgian society. In this way, we want to stimulate the development of innovative applications in many fields, further strengthen the cybersecurity of our companies and our critical infrastructures and ensure that the digital and technological sovereignty of our country remains assured in a rapidly changing world.

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Ada's primary objective is to become a center of expertise for all Proximus Group companies, both in Belgium and internationally. Ada's ambition also extends further; we want to develop a real local ecosystem, based on strong partnerships with universities, research institutes, companies and governments. The move to BeCentral fits perfectly into this context and should help us further develop into a center of expertise with strong Belgian roots and international prestige, capable of attracting, training and retaining local talent. We currently employ around 50 experts, but the aim is to triple this number in the next three years.

With the arrival of Ada, as well as the development of the FARI Institute, BeCentral is no longer just one of the largest digital learning centers in Europe. We are becoming one of the leading places where the Internet is being built. People say that in Belgium nothing is ever possible. That we don't dare to be ambitious. At BeCentral, we are proving the contrary.