Proximus joins national effort for energy savings

Staggering energy prices are hurting both families and companies. Proximus is also feeling the impact and we expect our energy costs to remain high in the foreseeable future. To tackle these challenges, we are joining the efforts of Belgium and Europe to overcome this crisis.

Mid-October Proximus launched an action plan to increase savings by 10% in gas and fuel and an extra 3 to 5% in electricity by the end of 2023. To do this, we will make new investments related to further energy optimization of our buildings, data centers and infrastructure, or by expanding our solar panel park.

As part of our plan to further reduce our energy consumption, we are gradually implementing the following measures aiming to reduce our overall energy consumption:

  • The Proximus headquarters in Brussels will partly be closed during the year-end period.
  • The heating temperature has been set at minimum 19°.
  • During the summer, we will set air conditioning at maximum 27°.
  • We will stop heating several technical buildings soon to be phased out.
  • In our solar panel park, the electrical production capacity will be multiplied by 10 between 2023 and 2024.
  • While we already save mobile network electricity thanks to our shared network with Orange Belgium and "smart efficiency parameters" for 4G and 5G, we will also switch off unused capacity in our mobile network in function of network load and demand.
  • Finally, we will also switch off unused server capacity of data centers.

All the measures mentioned above will be carried out on top of our existing plans to save energy. Already before the energy crisis, Proximus had been actively committed to the transition towards a green society. Our focus on environmental sustainability has made us one of the European leaders in energy savings.

Between 2007 and 2021, we reduced our electricity consumption by 30%. We achieved this by phasing out technical buildings and outdated network infrastructure. We also built energy-efficient technical rooms and, finally, we use 100% renewable electricity.

With these new energy efficiency initiatives, Proximus is responding to the call of the Federal Government to reduce energy consumption and help tackle the energy crisis.

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