Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO join forces to strengthen their leadership in Digital Service Intelligence solutions and scale in the Benelux

Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO, two subsidiaries of the Proximus Group specializing in cybersecurity and intelligence solutions, announced today that they are combining their knowledge and experience to further scale in the Benelux and continue to innovate. This will enable them to grow into one of the leading players in the field of Digital Service Intelligence in the Benelux.

Digital Service Intelligence (DSI) refers to a combination of different intelligence solutions that are essential at a time when digital services are playing an increasing role in our daily lives, both at work and at home. These solutions ensure that business data is processed securely and reliably (Security Intelligence); that digital services, technology and applications work optimally (Operational Intelligence); and that valuable business insights are gained from the data generated by these services (Digital Business Intelligence).

The joint portfolio of Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing these challenges and optimizing digital services. They help companies secure and optimize their data and digital services, and make informed decisions based on relevant, real-time and accurate information from business data. This data represents a wealth of information for customers allowing them to identify risks and threats, investigate incidents and secure corporate data, as well as to prioritize, efficiently allocate available resources and ensure an optimal user experience. Digital Service Intelligence allows companies to build a strong and reliable digital presence, which is invaluable in an era when digital services are becoming increasingly important.

By joining forces, Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO are strengthening their position in the international market and expanding their footprint. As the two companies combine their knowledge and expertise, customers in Belgium and the Netherlands will be able to rely on an even better service and a high-tech and specialized range of services. By addressing the customer together, Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO can also provide a cross-border response to the ever-increasing market demand for managed services.

Together, Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO form a team of more than 100 specialized professionals spread across Belgium and the Netherlands. This collaboration also allows both companies to attract the best talents and offer them an international growth path.

UMBRiO management
Erik Witte - Bram Fabeck - Christophe Van de Weyer

"This new step is part of a beautiful growth story for us. We have great respect for each other and share the same vision about Digital Service Intelligence," said Bram Fabeck, who will lead the integrated management team. "We are excited to join forces and provide our customers with an expanded range of services and expertise. We will continue to provide excellence to our customers with an even larger team of specialists." 

Erik Witte, the new Chief Vision Officer, added: "We are confident that our combined knowledge and expertise will enable us to support and accelerate our customers' digital transformation."

Christophe Van de Weyer, Managing Director ICT Subsidiaries Benelux of Proximus, the parent company of Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO, concludes: "Davinsi Labs already plays a leading role in Security Intelligence and Umbrio in Operational Intelligence. Together they are even stronger to consolidate their leadership in the Benelux and also build the necessary scale to grow into an international leader. Both companies are driven by data, have extraordinary in-house talent and an exceptional track record of technological innovation."

The integration process of both companies, operating within the Proximus Group, will be completed during 2023.


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