Proximus to equip Flanders Expo with 5G network

Proximus has signed a collaboration agreement with Easyfairs Belgium, operator of several event venues in our country. The initial phase of the collaboration will focus on the roll-out of a 5G network in the halls of Flanders Expo in Ghent. The network will be available to event organizers, exhibitors and visitors.

The presence of a private 5G network provides event organizers and exhibitors with the tools to manage events more efficiently and opens up numerous opportunities for innovative communication with the public. Think for instance of product demonstrations in AR, interactive apps or an educational VR game as an extra dimension during an event. The high bandwidth and low latency of 5G ensure extremely realistic interactive experiences that cannot be matched by the current 4G network. 

The network infrastructure being built at Flanders Expo provides a mix of private and public 5G connectivity. This way, while visiting Flanders Expo, the general public will also be able to connect to the 5G network and enjoy the unparalleled performance and stability guaranteed by 5G.

foto van iemand die gequote wordt

The roll-out of a 5G network at Flanders Expo allows us to offer organizers and exhibitors alike more innovation opportunities and to introduce visitors to innovative and interactive experiences. We are therefore very excited about this agreement and look forward to deepening our collaboration with Easyfairs Belgium.

Investments like these propel Flanders Expo as a pioneering event location. Under the motto "visit the future", we organize and host events that surprise, again and again. The deployment of 5G at Flanders Expo and our partnership with Proximus will be instrumental in this endeavor.


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