Proximus has the fastest mobile network in Belgium

Today, BIPT published the results of its annual test campaign, which measures the quality and speeds of mobile networks in Belgium. Proximus' network clearly comes out on top, with unparalleled download speeds for both 4G and 5G.

The tests were conducted in September 2023, with two specially equipped cars driving across the country to measure the stability, quality and speed of mobile calls and data connections.

Proximus scores best for 4G as well as 5G download speed

The quality of mobile calls is very high for all operators. Nevertheless, Proximus ranks as the fastest in starting up a call, with an average startup time of 2.4 seconds.

In the tests for data connections, there are clear differences between operators. The download speed on Proximus' 4G network amounts to 84.9 Mbps on average, i.e. 25 to 50% faster compared to the other mobile networks, respectively. For 5G download speed, the difference is even greater: with an average of 136.8 Mbps, the Proximus network outperforms its competitors by 45-50%. The upload speed on Proximus' 4G network is also the highest, with an average of 24.5 Mbps, whereas on 5G, Proximus finishes second with 28.5 Mbps on average.

These excellent results also translate into the real user experience. For example, Proximus is the fastest on average when downloading a 10 MB file, opening a Web page and starting a YouTube video.

In addition to the quality and speed tests, BIPT also mapped mobile coverage, including figures for 5G for the first time. The figures show that Proximus has taken a lead over its competitors with its 5G deployment.

Independent recognitions confirm the quality of the Proximus network

The results show the importance of Proximus' continued investment in its mobile network. During the spectrum auction in the Summer of 2022, Proximus acquired significantly more spectrum compared to its competitors. Those investments will allow to continue to make a difference in mobile experience for the coming decades.

The BIPT report is the third recognition in a short time for Proximus' mobile network. In January, Proximus was recognised as the operator offering "the best mobile network coverage in Belgium" according to the BeCover+ measurements by Test Aankoop for 2023. And on the international front, Ookla, a world-renowned provider of speed tests, published figures on the median mobile download speed in different countries. Here, too, Proximus scored very well; with a median speed of 89.67 Mbps, its performance was almost 50% better than its competitors.

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The results of this test campaign are a real sign of recognition of our continued investment in our mobile network. Both in terms of pure speed and experience, we score excellent, not only on our existing 4G network but also on the 5G network currently rolled out. The comprehensive spectrum package we secured during the spectrum auction in 2022, helps us in this regard. It highlights our ambition to build the best gigabit networks for Belgium, both fixed and mobile, and provide our customers with the best possible experience.


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