Scarlet makes its mobile offer even more attractive and introduces an option for faster home Internet

Scarlet announces major improvements to its mobile offer and introduces a new option to increase the speed of its fixed Internet offer on the fiber network.

These changes, effective 2 April 2024, underline Scarlet's ongoing efforts to adapt its services to the changing needs of its customers. All these improvements are made price increase.

More mobile data, at equally competitive prices

Following the changes, the mobile offer will shape up as follows from next week on:

  • Scarlet Mobile Red: the cheapest subscription remains unchanged. For €8/month, occasional users get to enjoy 1 GB of data, 300 call minutes and unlimited texting.
  • Scarlet Mobile Berry: the new €10/month subscription for moderate users, includes 5 GB of data, 300 call minutes and unlimited texting.
  • Scarlet Mobile Cherry: for the unchanged price of €13/month, customers receive an additional data volume of 4 GB. That brings the offer to 600 call minutes and unlimited texting, and increased data volume from 6 GB to 10 GB. The perfect fit for regular users.
  • Scarlet Mobile Hot: while its price remains level at €18/month, this subscription for more intensive users now offers 20 GB of data (instead of 13 GB today) on top of unlimited calls and text messages.

The upgrades will also be available in the two Trio Mobile packs, recognized by BIPT as the cheapest offers on the market for unlimited home Internet, digital TV and mobile telephony:

  • In its basic flavor Trio Mobile now offers 10 GB of mobile data (previously 6 GB) for €50/month, which makes it ideally suited for families looking for a complete pack at an affordable price.
  • A 20 GB version (previously 13 GB) is also available for €55/month.

Speed boost option for fixed Internet at home

Scarlet launches the option 'Fiber Speed Boost' for customers looking for higher browsing speeds. For €10/month, customers with fiber connectivity can choose to increase their download speed up to 200 Mbps and their upload speed up to 20 Mbps (compared to 70 and 10 Mbps in the standard offer).

Customers with access to the fiber network can combine this option with the Loco Internet subscription, as well as with the Trio and Trio Mobile packs. Currently, over 1.75 million households in Belgium are already connected to the fiber network, as the nationwide roll-out in Belgium continues unabated.

Scarlet's brand promise

Scarlet shows its determination to offer simple, effective services at the best price, with no hidden charges. By providing customers with access to those essential services at a low price, the telco operator confirms, in this difficult economic climate, its role as a reliable partner for customers.

Scarlet has been emphasizing its commitment to stable, fair and transparent pricing for over 30 years, and will automatically apply these improvements to existing customers. For them, the data volume will be increased from April (depending on the date of their billing cycle).


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