Proximus NXT IT, the affiliate specializing in IT services to meet business needs even better, starts its activities

As of July 1st, the Proximus Group is centralizing its IT activities within Proximus NXT IT, a subsidiary pooling all IT activities for Enterprise customers. This subsidiary has been created to design, develop and deliver customized IT solutions to meet business needs faster and more efficiently. Proximus NXT IT gives further impetus to the offering of Proximus NXT, which remains Proximus' B2B brand in the Benelux.

As we all know, IT needs of businesses are constantly growing. The fast pace of developments in cybersecurity, cloud and artificial intelligence, three areas that are seeing spiraling demand, are a case in point. In order to keep up with this ongoing market evolution, Proximus has decided to accelerate and adapt the organization of its Enterprise division. From now on, it will operate with separate units for telecom and IT services. The IT activities for the B2B market will be concentrated in the new Proximus NXT IT entity, led by Anne-Sophie Lotgering, while the telecom activities and service platforms will continue to be managed by the parent company (under the responsibility of Renaud Tilmans). Going forward, these two entities will work closely together to deliver integrated solutions to the entire Enterprise market.

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This new organization will allow us not only to maintain our leadership in the telecom sector, but also to expand our capabilities and increase our impact in the IT sector. Thanks to this new market approach, we will be able to fully leverage our Proximus NXT IT subsidiary to develop and implement innovative IT solutions and services that perfectly match the needs of our business customers.

By consolidating its IT activities for B2B customers into a single entity, Proximus will be able to adopt a 100% IT-centric approach. The creation of a fully-fledged IT company, with the associated tools, processes and mindset, will pave the way for Proximus to roll out IT projects faster thanks to enhanced performance and agility. This is an extremely important competitive advantage, as we know that these two factors are essential to meet the ever-increasing IT demands of businesses.

Thanks to the close ties with the Proximus Group and the seamless collaboration between the Group's IT subsidiaries, the aim is also to continue to offer customers an increasingly integrated, end-to-end experience, while maintaining the close relationships with the customers.

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The new organization doesn’t change the essence of Proximus NXT, which remains our B2B brand. We are more committed than ever to helping enterprises on their digital transformation journeys by combining our internal expertise with that of our partners, in both telecom and IT. At the same time, however, the creation of the Proximus NXT IT entity will better position us to offer end-to-end IT activities. It will also boost our sales momentum. In a context of ever-increasing demand, the creation of a center of excellence that brings together all the B2B IT experts of the Proximus Group across the Benelux puts us in a good position to exploit the enormous growth potential of this market.