In the domestic market, we will continue our successful commercial track of the past years. Our international footprint with BICS & Telesign will progressively become at par with our Domestic leg, as the growing global markets in which Telesign and BICS operate, and their bold investments in future growth, allow us to accelerate their growth paths.

In the consumer market, the roll-out of fiber creates a momentum to set new benchmarks in terms of product superiority. Combined with the premium positioning of the Proximus brand and the value that our digital platforms Pickx and Proximus+ will bring, we will exploit this momentum to lead in customer experience. With our triple-brand approach, we continue to address all needs of the market in an efficient way.

In the enterprise market, we aim to become the leading ICT service company in the Benelux. 5G and Fiber will play a key role in this ambition, as we help businesses to unlock new business models and efficiencies. Expanding our range of ICT products, solutions and services will also play a key role. Our investments in cybersecurity and cloud will spearhead our ambitions, accounting for a large part of the growth. While doing so, alertness to new technologies to continuously innovate and help our customers to unlock new business remains a constant priority.

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