Delivery Conditions

These guidelines, called delivery requirements, set out the practical delivery procedure, the formal specifications for the delivery documents and the manner in which the goods should be conditioned and identified.

To ensure that the delivery process runs smoothly, flawlessly and safely, these delivery requirements must be strictly complied with. Goods delivered in the correct way will enable you to invoice and can be paid on time. Your deliveries will be check upon arrival, to see if they meet our delivery requirements.

In case of a non-compliance, the processing of the goods will be slowed down. Incorrect deliveries may be refused. Any material must be delivered packaged in accordance with the applicable regulations and our instructions you can find behind the links below.


Proximus Distribution Center

Proximus Distribution Center (PDC) - Courcelles is Proximus Group's central warehouse and is located at rue de Liège 70 in 6180 Courcelles, about 60 km to the south of Brussels.

  1. Delivery Instructions Courcelles
  2. Slot booking for delivery in Courcelles (PDF)

Proximus Outside Infrastructure Distribution Center

Proximus Outside Infrastructure Distribution Center (OIDC) - Flawinne is Proximus central warehouse for storing copper, fiber optic cables and other related voluminous products and is located in the industrial area of Flawinne, about five kilometers south of Namur.

  1. Delivery Instructions Flawinne

Proximus NXT Warehouse 

H.Essers - Proximus NXT Warehouse - The warehouse is located in Hall 4 next to the Proximus Distribution Center (PDC) in Courcelles

  1. H. Essers - Proximus NXT Delivery Instructions