Mr. Renaud Tilmans joined the Executive Committee as Chief Customer Operations Officer of Proximus in May 2014. In this function, he works with his teams to align procedures and create synergies between the operational after-sales activities of the different Business Units.

Mr. Tilmans joined Belgacom in 1993. He held various director positions in the field of ICT and networks before becoming Vice President Customer Operations of the Business Unit Service Delivery Engine & Wholesale in 2012.

Within the Proximus Group, Mr. Tilmans is since 1 January 2019, member of the Board of Directors of Proximus Luxembourg which is the surviving entity after the merger between Tango and Telindus Luxembourg.

Mr. Tilmans is a civil engineer from the UCL (Louvainla-Neuve) and holds degrees in IT and management.

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