MolenGeek and Proximus together to activate digital talents

MolenGeek and Proximus have officially announced their partnership in the field of e-skills development, education and innovation in the presence of Bernard Clerfayt, Minister for employment, vocational training and digital transition in the Brussels region, and Stefaan De Clerck, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Proximus.

This creative partnership will provide significant benefits to both parties. Their commitment aims to improve employment, stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit, and create new opportunities for digital talent.

From now on, the Molenbeek initiative will be able to count on all the technological expertise of Proximus to continue developing its work and activating digital talent on a larger scale.

This partnership will take different forms: provision of equipment and telecom services, knowledge exchange, training, internships, consultancy, hackathons, etc. There will also be many interactions with the human resources department of Proximus. Different dedicated trainings will be offered to the students and several internships will also be available.

Proximus is pushing the boundaries in a concrete way by offering collaboration opportunities to young talent trained at MolenGeek who haven't necessarily followed a typical education path. This gives Proximus access to more innovation since this young talent is not limited by school schedules.

In practice, this collaboration has several objectives and contributes technologies, such as: personalized training, extra training opportunities with the students, co-creation of events and other innovative collaborations.

Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to develop "Internet of Things" solutions thanks to the sensors that Proximus will provide as well as the access to dedicated platforms and interfaces.

Synergies will also be developed between Proximus and the ecosystem of startups hatched at MolenGeek.

Obviously, the involvement of Proximus, a major technology player, will ensure the validation of the model and vision of the MolenGeek tech ecosystem.

This partnership is the fruit of two years' work that allows us to join forces today in our mission to make technology accessible to all, especially in places where it is least accessible.

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We want to help respond to the enormous need for digital education, including upskilling and reskilling, in Belgium. Digital technology will create new jobs in the coming years: this is a great opportunity for young people, especially with the new learning formats that prepare them for the job market. In this way, Proximus plays its role in digital education and helps to reduce the digital gap, promote digital inclusion, and build a secure, sustainable and flourishing digital Belgium.


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