Proximus supports the eSIM from today

From October 1st, Proximus Enterprise customers who use phones that are compatible with the eSIM will no longer need to insert a physical SIM card to access the network.

As for residential customers, they will be able to activate the eSIM from October 19th.

As its availability increases, the eSIM will make it possible to streamline logistics processes and reduce plastic waste considerably.

The eSIM, an integrated SIM!

The eSIM is a SIM card that is integrated directly into a mobile phone or another connected device such as a computer, tablet, watch or other wearable device. Once activated by Proximus, it works just like a regular SIM card.

The eSIM opens the door to all sorts of new customer experiences and in the future, it will be possible to offer a multitude of services for new equipment ranges that integrate the eSIM.

The eSIM can contain several profiles, which makes it possible to use several mobile phone numbers (e.g. a private and a professional subscription, a subscription abroad, etc.). For phones that have the space for a physical SIM card and the eSIM, the latter can be used as a second SIM, which is very convenient for users wishing to keep a private number separate from the business number, or for tourists.

Compatible devices

The eSIM is now starting to be available on some last-generation devices. Here is a non-exhaustive list of devices that are already compatible:

In the future, "smart devices", as is already the case for some connected watches, will also have an integrated eSIM.

Available for Entreprise and residential customers

From October 1st for Entreprise customers and October 19th for residential customers. People with a compatible smartphone will no longer need to insert a physical SIM card to access the network. They will download their identification information by simply scanning a QR code to generate a specific user profile on the device and securely access the Proximus network. All this, after a thorough check of their identity.

2-Phase evolution

In the initial phase, the eSIM is available at the customer's request. He/She has to go into a shop to pick up an eSIM voucher with a QR code. The customer scans the QR code using the camera on his/her smartphone to install the eSIM profile.

In the second phase, the process will be even more digital and will offer a 100% online operation through the website or the My Proximus apps. that will allow an even faster activation of the eSIM profile thanks to a digital QR code.

"Green Swap": streamlining logistics and plastic waste

With the arrival of eSIM, Proximus is once again demonstrating its commitment to a greener planet.

This new model of interaction is changing the way Proximus interacts with its customers to provide access to its network. Today, a large number of SIM cards, containing the customer's identity and profile are sent to the customer's house which involves complex logistics. Thanks to the eSIM, we are moving on to a new device-centered model, which will no longer require these logistics to deliver the physical cards to users.

This gradual shift to eSIM will provide environmental benefits by streamlining logistics processes and reducing the use of plastic.


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