Smart solutions that help our customers reduce their carbon footprint

Needless to say, climate change and global warming have major consequences for everyone. Heat records are broken year after year, we have to deal with floods, forest fires and water shortages. Just to mention a few consequences.

It’s therefore high time for action and efforts are being made worldwide and the fight against climate change is gaining momentum. However, caring for our planet is not just a matter for governments and companies. Each of us can do his or her bit with a number of small actions and make a difference in the long run.

Companies and customers together against climate change

A company can only be successful in reducing its carbon footprint if its customers also contribute to this. We at Proximus are well aware of that.

We’re therefore developing many innovative and energy-saving solutions that help our customers to use energy smarter and reduce their carbon footprint. In this way we want to achieve our ambition to make a net positive contribution to the climate by 2030.

Digital solutions enable us to live and work smarter and take care of our environment. At home, on the road, at work, you'll find them wherever you are or whatever you do. Some examples:

At home

Watching a movie, gaming, surfing the Internet. Working from home instead of the office. Ordering online instead of going to the store, ordering pizza and having it delivered. The corona crisis has drastically changed our lives, we’re limiting our movements and are increasingly relying on digital solutions. An excellent Internet and Wi-Fi connection is therefore a must!

Here, too, sustainability and environmental friendliness are not lost sight of. Proximus decoders and modems are becoming increasingly energy efficient. Our latest decoder is up to 45% more energy efficient and offers you a perfect digital experience. In addition, we continue to renew our network and replace old equipment and buildings with energy-efficient alternatives that are the cream of the crop in terms of sustainability.

By the way, did you know that 50% of our billing for residential customers is done online? This saves a huge amount of paper and by only receiving your bill online, you also contribute to reducing waste.

On the road

Smart digital solutions are also proving their usefulness on the road on a daily basis and offer us the opportunity to travel in an efficient and energy-saving way.

With your smartphone, you can already use numerous apps or platforms that give you comprehensive information about the traffic on your route in real time. They also often suggest the best route to avoid traffic jams to save time and fuel.

Another example, of course, are the parking management systems that are used to promote a smooth and better traffic flow to free parking spaces. In this way you save a lot of time and fuel, and less CO₂ emissions are generated. Proximus is already working with a number of cities and companies on our Internet of Things platform. With applications such as "4411" it also becomes very easy to start and end your parking session via your smartphone.

Offices and companies

Companies pay a great deal of attention to sustainability and energy efficiency when carrying out their activities and in their buildings or offices. In addition to huge efforts to reduce their own CO₂ emissions, the best-in-class students are also committed to using 100% green electricity.

As a climate-neutral company since 2016, Proximus is also helping its professional customers to reduce their ecological footprint. We encourage our customers with whom we work to adopt the same sustainability principles as we do, and we work together to develop innovative and green solutions to help them in their digital transformation.

For example, with Besix, a leading Belgian construction company, we're working on developing an extensive range of so-called "Smart Building Solutions". These are digital solutions in fields such as energy management, workplace management, car park management and security. They must ensure that the buildings and offices being built now are sustainable for the future.

Our commitment

As a company, we will continue to invest in research and innovative solutions that help our customers reduce their environmental footprint, because only our common struggle can lead to results.

With this we’re doing ourselves and the environment a huge favor!


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