#IamRemarkable: empowering our employees

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Empowering our employees

Proximus is taking part in #IamRemarkable: the Google initiative to make people proud and confident about what they have achieved at work and in their private lives. During online workshops, we are collecting beautiful, moving and powerful success stories from our colleagues.

#IamRemarkable: be proud of your successes

What makes you remarkable as a colleague, friend, parent or partner? A lot of people shyly avoid this question. And Anna Vainer, director of Think with Google and Growth Marketing couldn’t help noticing. She also noticed that women and under-represented groups have even more difficulty talking about their own achievements. This is why she started the initiative #IamRemarkable—first just for colleagues at Google, but now for everyone around the world. It has two goals:

  1. Stimulating self-confidence and self-promotion in women and under-represented groups.
  2. Overcoming the shame surrounding self-promotion.

Find out what our colleagues think about #IamRemarkable

As a proud partner of #IamRemarkable, Proximus is also stimulating self-promotion. We are doing this, not just for our female colleagues, but for everyone. Discover what Sofia, Jill, Syrah & Audrey have to say about #IamRemarkable.

Diversity as a priority

The strength of our company is our people: 9000 employees from different nationalities, religions, ages and cultural backgrounds. Proximus is striving to make this family as diverse as our society itself.  Everyone can be themselves and benefit from equal chances. It is this diversity that makes our team so strong. Because when any fantastic individual has the space to truly work with their talents, you get spectacular results. 

Give self-confidence a boost in the #IamRemarkable week

A tight crew is at its best when it is physically together. But due to the coronavirus, that’s not possible at the moment. Even though online tools make remote working much easier, social contact is still sorely lacking. We want to keep courage up. And we want to bring our colleagues closer together, albeit on a virtual plane. And that’s why, from 12 to 19 November, we are running #IamRemarkable workshops on the importance of self-promotion. In 90-minute sessions, our employees will receive tips on how to speak about themselves more confidently. We will also challenge them to share their ultimate success stories. 

Three tips to boost your self-confidence

  1. Whether small or large, keep track of your successes in a notebook. Do you have a job interview, an evaluation or have you just had a bad day? This book of successes is your mood booster.
  2. Learn from others. Which (famous) people talk about their achievements? What do you pick up from them?
  3. Share your successes and positive stories on social media. And remember that other people will be able to learn from them.

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