Proximus will create its workplace of the future by redeveloping the current building in the Brussels North area

The Executive Committee of Proximus has shortlisted three candidates still competing to develop the company’s future offices in Brussels. In order to create a sustainable and inspiring digital campus that fosters connections, collaboration and innovation, Proximus has opted for a thorough renovation of the current building. A final decision on who will be assigned to develop the project is expected by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

A new, campus-like experience fostering human contact and collaboration

After having announced the intention to transform its physical offices in Brussels into a greener, smaller, "campus-like" site that is better suited to collaboration and hybrid working, Proximus organized an RfP process between February and April 2021. Following a thorough analysis of all projects, the Executive Committee of Proximus validated the selection of the Consortium "DWNTWN-4-Proximus", Immobel SA/NV and Whitewood Capital SA/NV, whose proposals for the creation of a new workspace best match the vision of the company. Proximus has been assisted through the process by BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Proximus will now start a process of co-creation with the selected developers, which should result in a sale of the complete building. The building would subsequently be thoroughly renovated to strike the right balance between the needs of Proximus as partial tenant and the adaptation of other parts for mixed use.

The redevelopment of the current site in the Brussels North area should help Proximus to remain a pioneer in sustainability, putting circularity as a priority, foster employee wellbeing, while fulfilling its societal role in turning the area into a vibrant place for many to live and work together.

The redevelopment of the Proximus offices next to the Brussels-North station: a positive choice to...

... offer the Proximus community the best possible work environment

The location of the iconic building can hardly be improved in terms of accessibility by public transport. The future building itself will fully match the company needs, as its design and layout will be the result of a co-creation journey between Proximus and the developer. It will include collaborative spaces, informal corners and green areas to improve employee wellbeing and stimulate interpersonal contacts.

Furthermore, the new design of the workspace will support Proximus’ cultural transformation and agile way of working. It will provide an open campus feeling, fostering collaboration between colleagues as well as with customers, partners and other companies.

... stimulate the company on its path to achieving bold environmental targets

The redevelopment of the current offices is a logical choice in view of Proximus’ commitment to deliver a net positive contribution and become a truly circular company by 2030. The project will contribute to the realization of Proximus’ bold ambitions around decarbonisation and fossil fuel-free buildings in several ways, as it will allow the company:

  • to achieve energy efficiencies through smart energy monitoring and predictive consumption planning, matched to the occupancy rate of the building
  • to occupy 50% less office space, with less impact on the environment as a result
  • to recycle materials as much as possible and further explore other circular principles, such as using refurbished material, sharing facilities and equipment, etc.
  • to remain right next to the best-connected railway station in Belgium, making public transportation the most appealing way to travel to the office

... show commitment to the revitalization of the Brussels North area

Proximus stays at the heart of the Brussels North area, which is undergoing a major revitalization. The neighborhood will be transformed into a lively and green area with a mix of offices, residential housing and great public transport. Proximus is proud to play an active role in improving the quality of life in the area and for its people. As such, the company stays loyal to its societal mission.

Next steps and timing

A final decision between the three remaining candidates will be taken at the end of this year or early in 2022. The project, creating a home of the future for Proximus, should be completed between end-2025 and end-2026. As timings differ per proposal, no more concrete info can be given at this stage.

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I am very excited to announce the first details of our plan to reinvent our workspace enabling us to work smarter, collaborate differently and innovate whilst also being a source of inspiration and contact between colleagues, partners and customers. In a context of increasing hybrid working, the aim is to create a future-proof digital campus in Brussels, connected to a national network of local hubs. .The redevelopment of our current spaces also fits our ambition to become truly circular and will further facilitate our ability to reach zero carbon emissions for our own operations by 2030.