Energy Savings on the Road to Net Zero

One simple truth is evident: climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

We need a fundamental shift in the global approach to climate change in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the targets set out in the Paris Agreement by 2050.

As part of its #inspire2022 corporate strategy, Proximus is playing a leading role in Belgium’s green transition by aiming to become truly circular by 2030 and to reach net zero emissions by 2040.

We are building the best Gigabit Network for Belgium, and we believe the best Gigabit Network is also a Green Gigabit Network. The transition to renewable energy is vital if we are to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. As recognized by RE100, our network operates exclusively with electricity from renewable sources.

However, that alone is not enough.

It is our duty to reduce our power consumption wherever possible.

Check out our video to find out how we minimize our environmental footprint through technological innovation, network simplification, and circular practices. (More information below)


Mobile Network

The ever-growing demand for data is set to drive a considerable traffic surge. Factoring this in and making sure that power consumption does not rise at the same rate will prove critical. Our projections show that by 2026, mobile traffic will quadruple compared to its 2020 baseline. However, through our planned energy-saving initiatives, we will be able to turn that 400% traffic increase into a "mere" 40% increase in energy consumption.

In addition to the initiatives mentioned in the video, we are combining the RAN renewal in collaboration with Nokia and the Mobile Core modernization together with Ericsson. In doing so, Proximus will be able to leverage a completely renewed mobile network that guarantees the stability and quality of mobile connectivity while minimizing its environmental impact.

Fixed Network

We have the ambition to connect at least 70% of Belgian homes and business to Fiber by 2028. To accomplish this accelerated Fiber roll-out across Belgium, we collaborate with network partners, Fiberklaar (Flanders) and Unifiber (Wallonia). Once over 50% of homes and businesses are connected, we will be able to reach a network power efficiency gain of 75% versus a tenfold increase in traffic speed.

We are on the road to Net Zero and a Green Gigabit Network.


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