Proximus and Immobel reach a binding agreement with respect to the redevelopment of Proximus’ headquarters

Proximus and Immobel have reached a binding agreement regarding the redevelopment of Proximus’ headquarters in Brussels. The overall aim of the redevelopment is to create a sustainable and inspiring digital campus that fosters connections, collaboration, and innovation. At the same time, the project will substantially contribute to the revitalization of the Brussels North area.

Proximus today confirms it has decided to collaborate with Immobel to design and execute its renovation/redevelopment plans for the Proximus office towers in the Brussels North district. On 14 March binding agreements have been signed allowing the next steps in the project to be taken. The works should start early 2024 and should be finished by end 2026. The renovated building will not only be used by Proximus, but also by other companies and will also contain residential spaces, public accommodation, retail, etc.

The agreement is an important step in shaping Proximus' ambition to reinvent its workspace in such a way that it enables employees to work smarter, collaborate differently and innovate, whilst also being a source of inspiration and contact between colleagues, partners and customers. In a context of increased hybrid working, the aim is to create a future-proof digital campus in Brussels, connected to a national network of local hubs.

The project will allow offering the best possible work environment to the Proximus community, stimulating the company on its path to achieving bold environmental targets and contributing to the revitalization of the Brussels North area.

As a result of these agreements, Proximus acquired rights and gave commitments to dispose property, plant and equipment for approximately EUR 143 million, in that case followed by a lease-back of part of the renovated building with a significant contribution of EUR 20 million of Immobel in the fit-out and multiple months of free lease.


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