Proximus and Domus Medica join forces with the Doktr app

Doktr (the teleconsultation app from Proximus) and Domus Medica (the biggest association of general practitioners in Flanders and Brussels) have entered into a cooperation agreement. The cooperation is part of Doktr's ambition to support and deploy video consultations widely in the Belgian healthcare system. The Domus Medica association of general practitioners believes that teleconsultations can be a valuable addition to physical consultations if certain conditions are met. They are therefore joining forces with Proximus to refine the operation of the Doktr app with an eye to the needs and wishes of general practitioners in the field.

In June 2021, Proximus launched the Doktr app, which allows patients to consult a qualified doctor digitally in a user-friendly and secure way. From the outset, Doktr has strongly focused on conducting an active and constructive dialog with other players who want to help shape the development of video consultations. This co-creation with local ecosystems should promote the wide accessibility of video consultations in Belgian healthcare and contribute to the continuous improvement of the functionalities offered by the Doktr platform.

Domus Medica welcomes innovations in the field of medicine, especially when these have already proven their worth, such as the introduction of teleconsultations during the pandemic. Consequently, Domus Medica is, like Doktr, in favor of a hybrid care model in which teleconsultations can be a valuable addition to regular consultations. A survey conducted by Domus Medica among 350 doctors shows that a majority of them share this opinion. As early as October 2020, 89% of the respondents could envisage a permanent place for teleconsultations in their practice. The hybrid care model offers advantages not only for the general practitioner, but also for the patient. For example, the patient is not required to travel to the practice to see a doctor every time. Further analyzing and defining where these teleconsultations can be used will be one of the areas on which Domus Medica will focus.

Our survey showed that general practitioners want support to enable them to use teleconsultations better in their practice. To create a framework for tele- and video consultations, we are therefore involved in government bodies as an organization (particularly the teleconsultations working group led by Prof. Dr. Ann Van Den Bruel). However, we also want to be involved in the development of tools in the future. That is why we have opted to cooperate with Proximus and will provide support for further development of the Doktr app. This puts us in the lead position to help direct this new development, taking the contemporary needs and wishes of general practitioners in the field into account.

Working together to improve the experience for doctors and patients

On the basis that our healthcare system will increasingly develop towards hybrid care with video consultations being complementary to traditional consultations, earlier this year Doktr implemented the functionality that enables a patient to consult his/her regular GP via the app. In addition, research is being conducted into how Doktr can be deployed in places where access to care is less straightforward. For example, areas suffering from a shortage of general practitioners or of out-of-hours service. Finally, Doktr also aims to focus on prevention and to think about how hybrid care can support the evolution from treatment to prevention.

The choice of Doktr by Domus Medica was prompted by a preference for a reliable, Belgian player. The platform also pays attention to privacy and guarantees the quality of care. As part of this collaboration agreement, Domus Medica will put together a group of general practitioners to advise on the further development of the app. The GPs' association will also conduct a regular appraisal of its members through surveys, to take account of the concerns and opinions in the field and adjust the progress of the Doktr app as and when necessary.

In other words, the collaboration with Domus Medica is a crucial step forward in Doktr's growth trajectory. With its scientific expertise and broad reach within the medical community, Domus Medica will be an important partner in the development of new applications and further improvement of the Doktr platform.

It has always been our ambition to use Doktr to connect the patient with his/her personal GP and to enable Doktr to support and strengthen the Belgian model in this way. We are therefore pleased with this cooperation, which instantly put Doktr on the map with 3,500 doctors. Our focus on user-friendliness, security and privacy, combined with attention to quality and accessible care by qualified doctors, has already resulted in a patient satisfaction score of 93%. For us, this collaboration is the next step towards patient-centered hybrid care.


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