Proximus takes a new step in the integration of Netflix in Pickx

Proximus continues to enrich its Pickx platform to give customers even easier access to their favorite content and apps. In the future, Pickx customers with a TV Box of the latest generation will be able to find personalized suggestions from Netflix through the Pickx homepage on their TV screen. This enrichment of the existing integration of Netflix on the Pickx platform is expected to be completed by 13 February for all customers concerned.

With this new addition, Pickx is further establishing itself as a gathering place for the most interesting local and international content.

Specifically, each of the existing pages in the Pickx TV interface will be enriched with a row of titles suggested by Netflix. Both on the home screen and in the "Movies", "Series" and "Kids" tabs, Pickx customers will find a dedicated section containing direct links to Netflix's most relevant titles in that category, provided that they have a Netflix subscription. These recommendations are made by Netflix based on the customer’s own viewing habits of Netflix content. Clicking on these titles will lead the customer further into the familiar environment of the Netflix-app, where they can start to watch the movie or series. Non-Netflix customers will be redirected to the Netflix subscription homepage, where they will be able to register.

Gradual implementation for all customers with the latest TV Box

The new feature is available to all customers with an Android TV Box (v7), the latest generation of Proximus decoders. The implementation requires a software update, which will be implemented gradually by 13 February for all TV Boxes concerned.

Customers with an older decoder who want to switch to the Android TV Box can request this through the Pickx menu on their TV screen. They will then be able to enjoy all the latest features, such as the integrated Chromecast, exceptional image quality in Ultra HD/4K, voice control thanks to Google Assistant and direct access to numerous Android apps via their TV screen.

The direct links from the Pickx user interface to Netflix content will only be available on TV. The Pickx app does not support the new feature but continues to be an ideal place to watch live TV, programs in replay or recordings.

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Pickx guarantees a seamless TV experience with the best content. I am therefore very proud to announce today that we are taking our platform one step further, allowing customers to discover Netflix titles directly in their familiar Pickx environment. In doing so, we demonstrate once again that we continue to innovate to provide our customers with a great viewing experience and make Pickx an all-in-one platform where everyone easily finds their favorite content and apps.

Opening up a part of the Netflix experience within the Proximus UI gives Proximus customers additional possibilities to discover both great local titles like "Undercover" and "Ferry", and also big international titles like "Wednesday", "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" and many more.