Proximus customers are getting a new TV Box that is even more powerful, compact, and energy-efficient

As of March 15th, Proximus will gradually start distributing a brand-new TV Box. The new box guarantees an even better user experience and includes some important new features, such as integrated Wi-Fi 6 technology. It also consumes about 20 to 40% less energy.

A powerful and energy-efficient box, with integrated Wi-Fi 6 technology

The new box is more compact and even more performant than its predecessors, thanks to more powerful hardware. The 3 GB RAM memory, the integration of the latest chip technology and the latest version of the Android operating system result in smoother switching between applications and an overall more pleasant and better user experience.

Made of recycled plastic, the device is about 40% smaller than its predecessors, making it less plastic, more efficient, and environmentally friendly to transport, and more energy efficient. With an output of 12 W, the TV Box consumes approximately 20 to 40% less electricity, depending on usage patterns. This is not only good for the environment, but also more economical for the consumer's wallet.

In addition, the device includes built-in Wi-Fi 6 technology. This new option allows customers to connect wirelessly to their home network, without the need for an external booster. However, a wired connection is still recommended for an optimal and stable TV experience.

Practical: gradual phasing out older models

The new TV Box will be distributed gradually starting the 15th of March. Initially, this will be done for new connections, but gradually older models at existing customers will also be replaced by the latest model free of charge. This is a gradual process and customers will be informed individually about the swap.

Those who cannot wait and want to enjoy the latest and most powerful TV Box right away can request this - upon payment of an exchange fee - via the Pickx menu on their TV set, customer service or in one of the Proximus shops.

A new TV platform in the back end for an even better experience

Behind the scenes, Proximus is also working tirelessly to improve the viewing experience. For example, it will soon start the transformation to a new TV platform in the back end. The new platform is more modern, flexible and future-proof, and will bring several concrete improvements for customers. For example, people who start watching a recorded program at home will be able to resume it later on their mobile phone or tablet. In the future, customers will also be able to create a profile for each viewer, for a more personalized experience.

The TV platform is currently in a test phase. Soon, new customers will be automatically connected to the new platform. For existing customers, the migration to the new platform will be gradual. The entire process will take approximately 2 years.

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The new TV Box is the most powerful and high-performing box we have ever released, fully in line with our positioning as a premium brand. We have also taken the environment into account in the development of this new box: with its smaller size, recycled plastic and lower energy consumption, the TV Box also contributes to progress in this area. At the same time, we continue to invest in our TV platform in the back end to offer our customers a seamless viewing experience across all their screens.