Proximus releases the Proximus+ app, the digital companion in every user's daily life

Mid-March, Proximus released the new Proximus+ app. It provides users with a wide range of high-end services to easily organize their daily digital life with one single app. On top of all the familiar services available in MyProximus today, Proximus+ also offers many new features , thanks to partnerships in various fields. At this stage, MyProximus totals over 1 million active users who will be migrated gradually and automatically to the new Proximus+ app. Starting early April, Proximus customers and non-customers who have not installed the app yet, will get to download it free of charge.

All the best Proximus has to offer, and much more thanks to strong partnerships

Proximus+, the successor to the current MyProximus app, is an ecosystem that connects all Proximus digital platforms and expands them through unequaled partnerships. Telecom services remain center stage in the app, meaning users can still check Proximus+ for all the details on their products, Wi-Fi experience, usage and bills, or to use the Proximus Assistant for customized support.

Additionally, Proximus+ offers quick access to other services and applications from the Proximus universe, such as Pickx, Doktr and Banx. The loyalty program Enjoy! has also been given a prominent place in Proximus+.

But that's not all: Proximus+ is introducing several new services accessible to all, free of charge. These features have been developed in collaboration with a wide array of partners to help users manage their energy consumption, mobility or their social life, with just a few clicks and within the same app.

The examples below illustrate specific situations in which Proximus+ can be useful:

  • Social life: Kathleen is looking to organize a night out. She uses Proximus+ to find out about events nearby thanks to and Publiq, book a restaurant on Zenchef and find a babysitter in the Hoplr community. She then turns to 4411 to determine the most efficient route and conveniently pay for an SNCB or De Lijn ticket or a parking space - both above ground and underground.
  • Energy monitoring: Mohamed wants to have more control over his energy consumption. Proximus+ helps him monitor his water, gas and electricity consumption in real time via EnergieID or Fluvius and switch to a more advantageous energy contract via Gaele, free of charge and hassle-free.
  • Work environment: Barbara is keen on finding a good balance between working from home and working in the office. She can leverage Proximus+ to efficiently plan the days she is working from home by following the official weather forecasts and traffic conditions in real time using Stoomlink and work out which route will get her to her destination fastest.
  • Entertainment: Wim feels like relaxing during the train ride home after work. He can turn to the Proximus+ app to find various games and win great prizes or he can immediately access Pickx and watch his favorite series.

By releasing the new Proximus+ app, Proximus is taking its ambition to the next level when it comes to offering daily relevant digital experiences, developing innovative solutions that make life easier for all Belgians, and to take full advantage of collaboration endeavors with local and international partners.

During the development of the app, no effort was spared to make it as user-friendly as possible. As the various services are more seamlessly integrated in the new app, users don't have to sign in with different partners every time. For example, users who enter their payment information in 4411 to pay for a parking session will not have to submit these details again later to buy a train or bus ticket.

While this official release marks an important moment, the Proximus+ app will continue to evolve through the addition of new services. For example, a new service is expected soon that will, among others, group cashbacks from a selection of companies and help users to manage their budget. Navigation and real-time traffic alerts using Be-Mobile technology are also on the roadmap for the coming months.

Practicalities: gradual migration since mid-March

Before its release, the Proximus+ app underwent extensive testing by nearly 40,000 testers to ensure a seamless customer experience and to incorporate user feedback from the outset.

MyProximus users will receive an update replacing the current app with the new Proximus+ app. This update will be pushed in several waves, over a number of weeks to ensure a smooth, gradual transition, keeping existing users logged in. After this update, they will continue to find their familiar telecom services in the app, as well as a host of additional services to make their lives easier.

Both Proximus customers and non-customers who have not installed the new Proximus+ app yet, will soon be able to download it for free in the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). New users who want to discover the applications can download the app for free, identify themselves securely through Itsme and check out the many new services of Proximus+.

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Proximus+ has all it takes to make our customers' daily life easier by fully leveraging the digital opportunities available. The focus isn't only on telecom interactions: we also address many other aspects of their daily lives, working closely with local and international players. In doing so, we want to become the digital companion of our users. I am therefore very proud of this release, a bold move that puts us ahead of other telecom companies and enables us to rival with the most prominent digital brands in our country.


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