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Supplier Support Portal

How to register

To start using the Proximus Supplier Support Portal, you need to be an ACTIVE Supplier of Proximus (at least one order or a pending invoice) and you need to register at least a user. The registration process on the Supplier Portal consists out of 3 steps. 

Confirm your 
Set Password 
Verify your email address 
Set a new Password 
Account Ready


Open the registration page
Complete the registration form and click on 'Sign Up' to submit.

An email to verify your email address will be send to the email address provided in the registration form.

Note: the link to this page can also be found on the login page:

Confirm your Registration:
Open the email with subject: 'Verify your email address' which you received from: User Administration
Click on the link: 'Click here to confirm your email address'

The following message should now appear:
Your registration request is now forwarded to one of our Service Desk Agent for validation and approval. This is a manual process! Once your request is 'approved' you will receive an 'Set a new Password' email.

Notes: if you click on the link in the email for a second time, the following message will appear: Snap! Something went wrong while accessing the verification link. Please contact your system administrator. This means that your request is not approved yet. If it takes too long (more than one business day) before your you receive the 'Set new Password' email, ONLY in those cases you can contact our Procurement Helpdesk by phone at +32 (0)800 92 132 for assistance:

Set Password:
Open the email with subject: 'Set a new password to access your account' which you received from: User Administration
Click on the link: 'Click here to reset your password.' and follow the instructions on the screen.

Your account is now active.
Go to back to the login page:
And login with your email address (as your username) and password which you have just configured.

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