We are building a digital society, not only for the happy few, but for all Belgians. We invest in education to support our digital economy. And as a company strongly rooted in Belgium, we want to contribute to our Belgian culture by supporting social and cultural initiatives. 

The UN sustainable development goals we address

Digital for all

Proximus Art

Connectivity is a basic right, such as water and electricity. We are committed to making digital technologies also accessible to people with disabilities, the underprivileged and the elderly.

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Fans of Belgium’s culture


As a historical operator with Belgian roots, we are proud to be an active sponsor of our Belgian culture. From the Queen Elisabeth competition to the national football team this is our way of actively building our culture.

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Social engagement


We contribute to various solidarity campaigns where we operate, such as opening buildings for homeless in winter time and providing refugees free Wi-Fi and Internet to keep in touch with their families.

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