We help people gain the skills they need to thrive in the digital world. Therefore, we partner with schools and associations to help tackle the reskilling challenges the Belgian economy is facing for ensuring employability and filling in the digital jobs of the future. This is a priority and will determine the success of our digital economy. With our own initiative, we help seniors stay connected to the new digital society and promote inter-generational links.

Seniors going digital

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diggit is a Proximus educational project for kids helping seniors to go digital. Through this initiative, we bring generations closer to each other and allow the digital natives of today to share their experience with seniors in a playful way.


Engage with job seekers 

We help young people with social, economic or personal difficulties enter the job market by acquiring the skills they need to have a job in the marketplace of tomorrow. We actively support: 



We are a partner of MolenGeek an association allowing less privileged job seekers with an entrepreneurial mindset to discover the opportunities the new digital world brings. The young people follow an intensive 6-month training course at the Coding School, allowing them to start as web developers. A practical training, with a lot of interactivity and group work.



Proximus Art

We are a founding partner of ‘19’, the first free Belgian Coding School. Focused on 18-30-year olds, ‘19’ is an innovative way of learning in that there is no tuition fee, no diploma awarded and education takes place without a teacher. 



We are a long-term founding partner of Technobel, a competence center in the French-speaking part of Belgium offering quality ICT training courses for job seekers and information/sensibilisation initiatives for citizens, schools and professionals.

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