Kids helping seniors to go digital

Juniors today juggle with the possibilities of the digital world. With diggit, we want to stimulate them to use their digital savviness to help seniors go digital too. Proximus encourages all teachers and their pupils in Belgium to take an active part in diggit. Discover all about it and how you can participate.

For sure don’t hesitate to submit your class’ project now! You can win nice prizes!

All you need to know about diggit

You wanna diggit? Congratz! Find out all you need to know to get started. And share your digi-wisdom all around.

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Surprise us with your project

Do you have an exciting project to bring seniors closer to today’s digital tools? Is your school eager to participate in the diggit contest? Let us know what you have up your sleeve! You & your school might be the next diggit winners!

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Tools for Wizzkids

Guess you know a lot about social media, strong passwords, using e-mail, apps & all that online stuff. We have 6 great tools to jog your memory. It’ll be fun to use them to get your granddad, auntie Paula or your fav grannie on the digital path. You can start a diggit project at school with your classmates and even in the retirement home of your great-grandmother.

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Tools for Teachers

Are you looking for tools to explain to your pupils how they can safely use the internet, communicate with digital tools or configure their smartphone account? Browse our teaching tools for inspiration to further pimp your ICT-class.

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What’s new?

Keep up with all the coolest diggit news. Whatsupp, dude?

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And the winners are …

We are super-proud to present the latest winners.

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