Contact the abuse team or delist your IP

Ensuring a secure network and service continuity for our customers is a priority for Proximus.

Therefore, in compliance with our terms and conditions, we may block IP addresses of customers who send unsolicited commercial or informative communications (spam messages) or exceed the restrictions of our residential e-mail platform.

This way, we avoid the disruption of our e-mail service following an international blacklisting, and ensure the continuity of our e-mail services.

Furthermore, we want to protect customers who unconsciously send spam and might not be aware that a misconfiguration, virus or malicious script is using their computer to send these unsolicited messages.

Customers who are unable to send e-mails because of a blocked IP address can request an automated removal by selecting the “Delist IP” button, if the situation that caused the blocking has been solved.

Delist IP 

Customers who have request an automated removal of their IP address more than three times per week should contact us via the “Submit report” button so that we can guide them through this process.

Via the “Report abuse”  button, customers can contact us regarding any form of Internet abuse related to Proximus (unauthorized use of copyrighted material, spam, phishing, hacking, etc.) or to request more information about blocked IP addresses.

Proximus will treat all valid submissions in accordance with the law and our privacy and security policies.

Your selection will generate a mail to our abuse team, please provide all the included info to help us help you.

Report abuse