Tablets for hospitals and nursing homes

Due to the coronavirus threat and the confinement measures, visits to hospitals and nursing homes are severely restricted or forbidden all together. Proximus donates tablets and other hardware to care institutions to enable patients and residents to keep in contact with their loved ones.

Meeting basic social need

As a leading digital solutions provider, Proximus wants to help meet people’s basic social needs in these difficult corona circumstances. Therefore, it donated tablets, headsets and smartphones to care institutions, so that the patients can stay in contact with their family via video chat. In other cases, nursing homes and hospitals requested phones for their terminal patients, to break the isolation in their final days.

Support for hospitals and nursing homes

Proximus strives for an inclusive, secure, sustainable and prosperous digital Belgium. We believe that everybody should have access to digital solutions, especially in these unprecedented circumstances. That’s why we support hospitals, homes and public service providers in need for hardware solutions.

Some examples:

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