We care for those who care for others

Proximus takes care of people and responds to the needs arising in society.

In times of this coronavirus crisis, we pull our weight and provide free Wi-Fi for makeshift triage centers and emergency hospitals. This enables the much needed connectivity for carers and their vital work, but also for patients in their hour of need.

Proximus walks the talk

Addressing societal challenges with innovative solutions is part of our sustainability strategy. For a leading telecom operator, we think it is obvious to respond to the digital needs of people who are giving their time to help others. It goes without saying that connectivity is vital to operate emergency services.

"Therefore, Proximus supports hospitals and triage centers to combat the covid-19 outbreak", says Bart Van den Meersche, Chief Enterprise Market Officer at Proximus. "We have developed a solution to setup Wi-Fi connectivity in no time. And we do this for free. This way we hope to help tackle this enormous medical challenge successfully."

Social engagement

Telecom Minister, Philippe De Backer, lauded Proximus’ initiative in a press release (Belga, March 25, 2020) and urged other telecom operators to follow suit.

As a company strongly rooted in Belgium, Proximus wants to give back to society in a concrete and direct way. Providing emergency connectivity to hospitals and triage centers was the least we could do. Ethics and shared values are the cornerstone of our business and we gladly put them in practice in this health crisis too.

Read more about Proximus’ Sustainability Strategy at www.proximus.com/sustainability


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