Proximus affiliates Codit and Unbrace merge to offer full-service IT solutions for front- and back-end

IT services company Codit and web application agency Unbrace will come to form a single entity, operating under the Codit umbrella, by the end of the year. The combination of highly specialized front-end and back-end IT expertise will allow both companies to provide 360° data-driven solutions with even more agility, continuity and mobility.

The union brings together Codit's industry-leading back-end expertise, including Integration, Application Modernization, cloud-native technologies, API Management, IoT and AI, with Unbrace's innovative solutions in the front-end, focused on application development. By joining forces, both companies will be able to provide a seamless digital transformation for their customers from data set up, to integration design, to front-end deployment.

By the end of 2020, Unbrace will come under the Codit umbrella, continuing to work in its current Antwerp office. In addition to the existing Codit Ghent location, this satellite office in Antwerp will offer another convenient site for work and collaboration between merged teams of both companies and their customers.

For Codit, the merger means a new step forward in its evolution into a full-service data intelligence solutions provider. Uniting with Unbrace will give the company an even stronger foothold in one of the most prominent business regions of Belgium and increase mobility for its staff and customers. For Unbrace, becoming part of a fast-growing organization with a global footprint will fuel the company’s growth and expand its service offering far beyond the creation of web experiences that satisfy the needs of businesses and their customers. Additionally, the front-end development expertise that Unbrace brings into the Codit portfolio ensures more efficient support through increased diversity of the combined solution offering and higher accessibility for customers worldwide.

Bart Watteeuw, Director One Integrator of Proximus

"This merger arises from a natural match between two innovative Proximus subsidiaries with highly specialized digital IT experts. Both companies are already members today of the Proximus Accelerators, a collaborative ecosystem of subsidiaries within our group who support enterprise customers in transforming their business and unlocking their full digital potential. Their complementary and diverse expertise is what makes Proximus Accelerators capable of solving IT challenges end-to-end: from API development to integrated IT solutions, and from data privacy and security to smart mobility. Therefor I strongly believe that the merger of Codit and Unbrace marks a logical new episode in the history of both companies and will ensure an even better support to the customer, driven by technology."

Codit and Unbrace, two highly specialized IT companies with complementary skill sets

Codit provides crucial business integration services and software solutions as well as an extensive portfolio of managed services. Through the integration of different business applications, Codit enables better collaboration between business units and teams, while facilitating interactions with a variety of business partners such as customers, suppliers, distributors, logistic partners and government authorities. Part of the Proximus Group since July 2018, Codit has proven to be a valuable addition to Proximus’ connectivity and IT infrastructure solutions and paved the way for a further extension of Proximus’ partnership with Microsoft, one of the world’s largest technology leaders.

Founded in 2013, Unbrace is a passionate and forward-thinking Belgian application development company that builds custom front-end web solutions, focused on user experience. The company strives to go beyond “crunching code" to offer customers truly value-add tools and services that help grow their businesses. The acquisition of Unbrace in 2017 provided the Proximus Group with additional web application expertise and strengthened its position as the partner of choice in the digital transformation of enterprise customers.

Olivier Malherbe, CEO of Unbrace

"After the acquisition by Proximus 3 years ago, this union is the logical next step in Unbrace’s growth path. Codit and Unbrace complement one another perfectly. Our focus on ultimate user experience, in combination with expertise in back-end and data integration, offers a wealth of new opportunities for our customers. I’m also very happy for our team and their increased scope for professional development, as they will have 180 highly skilled new colleagues in 8 different countries."

Stijn Degrieck, CEO of Codit

"Combining our two teams is more than a business merger. This is an evolution of our company, realizing the next step in our growth path to expand our support across the full spectrum of data intelligence. In the past 20 years we've built a reputation for our leading knowledge and excellent quality in back-end and integration services. Now we have the combined skill set to bring that integration to life, seeing it all the way through to the front-end. Today we've advanced from integration experts to a comprehensive end-to-end provider, fully equipped to develop complete data-driven solutions - all in house."


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