With a €1 billion investment per year, Proximus is the biggest investor in future-proof digital infrastructure in Belgium. Our objective is to ensure that people and companies have access to high-quality fixed and mobile connectivity, so they can seize the opportunities of the digital world.

Fiber for Belgium

Fiber for Belgium

Data traffic and digital services are growing, mainly driven by videos, cloud apps and the Internet of Things. With Fiber for Belgium, a multi-billion € investment plan, Proximus prepares its infrastructure for the customers’ future needs by rolling out fiber to most businesses and city centers in Belgium.

Fiber for Belgium

Mobile: on the road to 5G

While the use of mobile data is constantly increasing, Proximus wants to continue offering its customers the best mobile network experience. Over the past two years, on top of extending the coverage of our 4G network (population-coverage: 99,9% outdoor and 99,5% in-house coverage), we have also invested in the faster 4.5G, adding more capacity to the network. In addition, the launch of our joint venture with Orange Belgium to share our mobile access network is an important enabler for the future roll-out of 5G.

In-home experience

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To always offer better in-home experience to our customers, we continue to roll-out the next generation of copper technologies – Ultra Vectoring – which enables a significant increase in Internet satisfaction. We also continue to optimize our Wi-Fi performance thanks to new tools and technologies. To this end, we have been working for several years with Tessares, who is offering an hybrid access solution to increase the internet speed of the users.

Annual Report 2019

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