Data traffic and digital services are growing, mainly driven by videos, cloud apps and the Internet of Things. With Fiber for Belgium, a multi-billion € investment plan, Proximus prepares its infrastructure for the customers’ future needs by rolling out fiber to most businesses and city centers in Belgium.

Fiber for your city

Fiber in the cities

Fiber offers the cities access to the most advanced digital services such as “Smart cities”. The roll-out of fiber with the connection of thousands of sensors and devices improves mobility, public safety and air quality, and can benefit growth and employment in the city. In the future, fiber will become an essential part of every city’s infrastructure, just like water and electricity.

Fiber for your home

VR fiber experience

With optical fiber, all members of a household can surf, stream high-quality videos, play online and work at the same time, without latency or loss of quality. They also benefit from the sharpest image on all screens.

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Fiber for your business

Fiber enterprises

Fiber optic allows companies to exploit all the digital economy possibilities, offering the most future-proof, reliable and scalable technology to stay competitive, agile and innovative. The high speed facilitates the adoption of new ways of working and technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, connected objects or VR.

Is fiber available for your business?
Fiber installation

There's fiber and there's Proximus' fiber

In one type of set-up, the fiber cable stops in the street and is then connected to a copper line or coax cable. In Proximus’ set up, the fiber cable is pulled through all the way into the home, offering a top-class performance.

ftth roll-out of fiber in Belgium

Fiber roll-out

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