"Safe together" on mobile phones

During the coronavirus confinement, all Proximus clients and mobile network users saw "Stay home" on their phone. Now that the restrictions have been reduced, the message has changed to "Safe Together". It reminds people how important it is to stick to these health measures.

Every little bit helps

To stop the coronavirus from spreading, it is essential to limit physical contact with others as much as possible. Anything that nudges people to respect the confinement measures is welcome, for their own health but also for the health of others.

Proximus cares for its stakeholders and wants to help overcome societal challenges, like this corona pandemic, with the technological solutions it offers. That's why Proximus temporarily changed the name of its network to "Safe Together ". This network name is visible on the top of connected cell phones.

As a company strongly rooted in Belgium, we want to give back to society in a direct and meaningful way. We hope this "Safe Togheter " message, however simple, contributes to keeping people safe.

Read more about Proximus' Sustainability Strategy at www.proximus.com/sustainability


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