Proximus and its suppliers, together for the climate!

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To reach our goal to be a truly circular company by 2025, we are creating partnerships with our suppliers by signing the Circular Manifesto. This is a commitment by Proximus and its suppliers to work together to develop environmentally friendly products in order to contribute to a more circular and environmentally friendly economy. We already have several signatories, and a lot of interest from the suppliers to whom we presented it.

Towards a major commitment

The jointly defined projects will aim to reduce the use of raw materials, extend the life of products and improve the energy efficiency of the products on offer. The dialogue between Proximus and its supplier will be the key to the success of the projects developed, a profitable success for both!

An already successful collaboration for the climate

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems of our age. It is also a major social issue. Our ambition is to become a leading company in the fight against climate change: we are committed to further reducing our negative impact on the environment. We cannot achieve this goal alone. This is why we include our stakeholders, our suppliers among them, in our approach.

Proximus works with more than 4,000 suppliers. By working closely with them and setting strict sustainability standards and conditions, we can further reduce our impact and contribute to a better world. Our collaboration is recognized by the CDP, an international non-profit organization specializing in environmental reporting. In 2019, it included Proximus in its "Supplier Engagement Leader Board". Today 100% of our contracts have a CSR clause on social, ethical and environmental standards for our suppliers. We have a leading position in EcoVadis (supplier sustainability ratings) and JAC (Joint Audit Cooperation, CSR assessment of suppliers in IT) with risk audits, assessments and scorecards of suppliers.


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