Proximus and its suppliers, together for the climate!

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems of our age. It is also a major social issue. Our ambition is to become a leading company in the fight against climate change: we are committed to further reducing our impact on the environment. We cannot achieve this goal alone. Therefore, we include all our stakeholders, our suppliers among them, in our approach. 

Our Circular Manifesto, a major commitment

To achieve our goal of becoming a truly circular company by 2030, we have drawn up our Circular Manifesto. It is the commitment of Proximus and the supplier to collaborate in the implementation of projects and initiatives in order to jointly design sustainable products.

The jointly defined projects will aim to reduce the use of raw materials, extend the life of products and improve the energy efficiency of the products on offer. 

About ten suppliers - including our strategic suppliers - have already signed our Circular Manifesto. In fact, there is a lot of interest from the suppliers to whom we presented it.

Our sustainability strategy: CSR clause in 100% of the contracts

Proximus works with more than 4,000 suppliers. By working closely with them and setting strict sustainability standards and conditions, we can further reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to a better world. In 2019, Proximus was recognized as 'Supplier Engagement Leader' by the CDP thanks to its active involvement with its suppliers in the fight against global warming and the reduction of its emissions. This international recognition is the result of numerous joint initiatives for the environment.

Today, 100% of our contracts with our suppliers have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) clause on social, ethical and environmental standards. For several years we have been holding a leading position within the EcoVadis platform, which rewards our efforts in sustainable development.  Proximus is also a member of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC), together with 16 other telecom operators. JAC members conduct audits in the production facilities of major suppliers around the world to assess and improve their CSR standards.