Mrs. Béatrice de Mahieu is the CEO of BeCode, the largest social impact coding school in Belgium, since 1 September 2022.

From 2019 until September 2021, Béatrice de Mahieu was the CEO of Co.Station Belgium (a tech startup co-working and innovation hub) where she created and developed the open innovation business line.

Since the start of her career in 1999, Béatrice de Mahieu has worked successively for large telecom, tech and media companies (Telenet, Microsoft, Elle Belgium...) where she contributed to the growth strategies and digital transformation.

As of 2011, Béatrice de Mahieu started to work as a mentor and investor for technological and digital startups and guided them in their search for investors, the development of their strategy and the growth of these young companies.

Béatrice de Mahieu is currently a board member of Fintech Belgium, Ambassify, Slimme Regio Vlaanderen, Beefounders, We Tech Care and Agoria Brussels and an external innovation board member for NMBS and Elia Group.

Béatrice de Mahieu has a degree in Applied Communication – Advertising at the Institute for Higher Social Communication Studies (IHECS) and is co-author of “Pimento Map: evaluate the strength of your business plan” (2014) and “Shiftmakers: L’Art du (self)leadership dans les années 2020” (2022)

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