From October 2006 until June 2022, Mrs. Claire Tillekaerts has been the general manager of Flanders Investment & Trade,the government agency supporting Flemish companies in their effortto deploy business internationally abroad and assisting foreign companies seeking to set up business or expand operations in Flanders, the northernmost region of Belgium. From May 1st, 2012, on, she was appointed CEO of FIT by the government of Flanders until June 30th 2022. Claire Tillekaerts has been an independent barrister at the Ghent Court of Law for 2 decades, along with a six-year academic teaching commission at Ghent University.

In 2001, she was commissioned to establish the law department at the Hogeschool Gent, in a bid to bring about the merger with other centers of higher education, an assignment combined a.o. with that of advisor at the creation of the Ghent University Association and with establishing international research fundings.

Claire Tillekaerts holds a Master's degree in law and a postgraduate degree in Management Studies.

She is member of the Board of Directors of imec, ORSI Academy and the Belgian National Orchestra and is President of the Board of Directors of the Flanders International Film Festival (Ghent), President of the Belgian National Bank Council of Regency and member of the Belgian National Bank Remuneration and Appointments Committee.

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