The COVID-19 pandemic has been a defining moment for the telecom sector, underlining our societal responsibility and reinforcing our belief in Proximus’ sense of purpose:

We open up a world of digital opportunities so people live better and work smarter.

We are demonstrating our solidarity in 4 domains

The health and safety of our employees remain our number 1 priority. We have been taking all necessary measures to safeguard them during the Covid-19 pandemic, including additional initiatives for their well-being.

Health & safety measures

  • 85% employees homeworking
  • New procedures and working conditions made clearer and safer to protect field employees

Well-being initiatives

Consistent & frequent communication to inform, reassure and motivate our employees with Covid-19 platform on intranet supported by:

  • weekly CEO messages
  • tips to improve resilience and employee stories
  • hotline for employees

No net salary impact in case of technical unemployment

Proximus plays a vital role to keep everyone connected. At the home front, we ensure that families and friends are able to interact and that people can telework and entertain themselves. Companies count on us to maximize their business continuity.

Guaranteeing network stability & extra capacity to support increased traffic

Exceptional temporary benefits for voice, data & content

Collaborating with the cultural sector by offering Pickx platform for theatre, film or art performances

Continuing to offer the best possible customer service

  • Fully operational contact centers
  • A variety of contact channels: chat, video chat, phone & online shop
  • Visits to our shops by appointment 
  • Urgent repair interventions and connections
  • Video chat for remote technical support

Ensure business continuity for companies 

  • Billing flexibility for the self-employed & small businesses in the horeca sector
  • Discount for bars & restaurants on unused products
  • Support with homeworking & security solutions
  • Solutions to make the workplace safer:
    • Entrance monitoring
    • Floor occupancy monitoring
    • Chatbot on Covid-19 questions for employees and/or customers

Proximus is committed to contributing to society in these unprecedented circumstances. First of all, we focus our attention on supporting the increased connectivity need in the healthcare sector. Secondly, we pursue our ambition to provide access to the digital world for all Belgian citizens so they can stay connected

Ensure connectivity for actors in the healthcare sector

Give active support for vulnerable groups in society

Drop charges for fundraising campaigns via SMS 

Public authorities, both national and regional, rely on Proximus to provide them with in-depth expertise, top-notch technology and innovative solutions, so they can adequately guide Belgium through the crisis and the period to come.

Participation in the taskforce ‘Data & Technology against Corona’by providing anonymised & aggregated telecom data to help track people’s movements and the spread of COVID-19.

Technical & financial contribution to support the Covid-19 Track & Trace call center

Stronger together

Our affiliates are also committed to supporting their employees and customers to face the Covid-19 crisis. Our joined efforts  demonstrate the strength and the potential of the Proximus Group to create a positive impact on society.

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As a telecom operator we play a vital, pivotal role in society

  • By building the gateway to tomorrow’s digital society with the networks of the future: 5G and Fiber.

  • By keeping people and companies connected with high quality networks and solutions.

  • By continuing efforts to ensure digital access to all and to support digital education

  • By driving the transition towards more local, human and secure economic models.

  • By partnering with public authorities through innovative solutions, like data analytics

Download the Covid-19 document (.pdf)