P2P Voice and Messaging

We stand out as a market leader in voice solutions, delivering unparalleled international and intercontinental connectivity through our extensive global network. With a comprehensive suite of services, we enable seamless voice communications for telecom operators, mobile network operators, and digital service providers.

VoIP solutions and fraud protection

Our offerings include advanced VoIP solutions, fraud protection, and high-definition voice services, ensuring superior call quality and reliability.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, we consistently meet the evolving needs of the industry, solidifying our reputation for excellence and innovation in global voice communications.

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Person-to-person messaging solutions

Our P2P (person to person) messaging solutions are market leaders in providing reliable, high-quality person-to-person messaging services globally. Leveraging a robust and extensive network infrastructure, we ensure seamless message delivery with high security and low latency, catering to mobile operators, OTT players, and enterprises.

With a commitment to excellence and continuous innovation, we offer comprehensive support and analytics, empowering businesses to enhance their communication strategies and deliver exceptional user experiences. 

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With our 3 brands BICS, Telesign and Route Mobile, we connect, engage and protect our clients and end users wordwide.