Bye bye Management Traineeship, hello Proximus Graduate Program

From December through May, we will continuously be looking for new, newly graduated Master students to help us deliver on our #inspire2022 strategy. In the past, these new recruits enrolled in the "Management Trainee Program". But this year, we decided to revamp the program and we evolved from a standard Management Traineeship to the current Proximus Graduate Program. Here's why…

Transformation to an agile company and new leadership model

By introducing a new leadership model and an agile way of working, Proximus wants to foster customer centricity, collaboration and employee empowerment.  
Through its stronger focus on the human aspect, this way of working has a major impact on our work environment, the skills required, our culture...

Moreover, we intend to gradually move away from a hierarchical organization. In this new leadership model, the term "Management" Trainee no longer fits the bill when it comes to our company's ambitions. Therefore, the program was renamed: Proximus Graduate Program.

This year, more than ever, the focus is on personal development in an agile environment. The spirit of collaboration and transversality will be an essential part of this program.

Greater variety by offering multiple tracks

To be closer to the business needs, we need experts in various fields. In our effort to attract a wider variety of profiles, we not only rebranded the program, but we also overhauled its content. For instance, students who sign up for the program will be able to choose between 2 different tracks: a business track and a technology track.

Business track: this track is aimed at students who graduated with a master’s degree in business management. They will primarily work on operational/strategic projects for our customers in the residential, commercial or public sectors. These projects can be related to customer experience (improvement), market transformation, digital and automated marketing, sustainability... The selected students will be assigned to our multiple Business Units (Consumer Business Unit, Enterprise Business Unit, Staff & Support and Customer Operations).

Technology track: this track is aimed at students with a master’s degree in civil and industrial engineering. They will primarily work on the more technological projects such as the fiber and 5G roll-out, but also all the projects set up to turn Proximus into a "digital native" company for our employees and our customers. Students who find themselves picked for the technology track will mainly be assigned to the Network Business Unit, Digital Transformation & IT and EBU.

Through these different tracks we provide them with a 360° view of our company and activities. In order to further increase their knowledge and really get them out of their comfort zone, we will also give them a second assignment outside the chosen track.

Are you or do you know any master's students graduating in the summer of 2022?

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At Proximus, every day provides its share of new challenges and opportunities. Dare to step out of your comfort zone to grow, develop and be #inspired. Never a failure, always a lesson!

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