Partnerships help us grow

Microsoft and Google

We drive technological leadership and innovation through strategic partnerships with hyperscalers like Microsoft and Google, leveraging their technology and co-innovation to benefit Belgian companies.

This type of global operational partnerships complements our ICT capabilities, which allows us to accelerate our growth in specific domains.

Cloud solutions with HCL

Collaborations on cloud solutions with partners like HCL Technologies, one of the world’s leading technology companies, are essential for our growth. Our ecosystem of affiliates and partners enables us to create solutions and applications that accelerate the digital transformation of companies, industries, and end-users.

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Workplace-as-a-service (WPaaS)

Through our Workplace-as-a-service (WPaaS) offering, we help them to make it possible for their employees to work anywhere, on any device, alone or together. Proximus provides everything employees need to achieve their goals. This includes computers, mobile devices, equipment for meeting rooms or ergonomic home offices, as well as the software for smooth collaboration and communication. We also manage the lifecycle of all devices and take care of software licenses, the quality of internet connections and security, both at home and in the office. In the event of problems, we provide remote and on-site support.

Workplace-as-a-service (WPaaS)

Software-defined networks (SD-WAN)

New ways of working, connected objects and cloud adoption have a tremendous impact on the security, agility, performance and reliability requirements of modern ICT infrastructure. A traditional, static network, however, offers very little information about what is happening on the network. Installing a completely new software layer (SD-WAN) ensures that the end-to-end infrastructure remains manageable and secure. Via SD-WAN, the customer network can easily and securely connect to clouds, whether public, private or hybrid.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

5G innovation platform

Together with our customers, we are co-creating cutting edge 5G, IoT, and edge use cases by leveraging our 5G innovation platform. This is vital to our ambition to take a leadership position in these domains, which all have significant long-term growth potential.

We are a partner of choice for companies undergoing a digital transformation, as we contribute to building a robust digital economy.

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5G drones

We are using 5G drones to support applications in a wide variety of sectors. To give a few examples:


Drones are being used to transport pharmaceutical products and blood, urine, and tissue samples


The Flemish Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries, and Food Research (ILVO) is investigating how the combination of drones and AI can detect disease in crops at an early stage.


Drones can take measurements quicker than surveyors, saving valuable time.

Law enforcement

Drones are being used in multiple ways by law enforcement agencies, including monitoring public events, locating flashpoints, and tracking down fugitives or missing people. 

Maintenance and repair

Drones can inspect installations in high and hard-to-reach places, such as wind turbines.


Drones can scan stock levels and send the data to the AI on the server, where the stock is automatically counted and replenished in real time. 

Smart technology

Be the trusted partner for companies in their digital transformation

Smart buildings

Along with BESIX, our long-term strategic partner, we invested in i.Leco Ltd, a technology start-up that specialises in building energy management. Together, we created the aug∙e platform, which connects a physical building to a series of useful digital applications that make the building smarter and reduce energy consumption.

Smart retail

We offer a full set of digital solutions to streamline the customer journey, improve interaction between retailers and their customers, guarantee a safe shopping experience, and improve the operational efficacy of retailers. 

Entrance Monitoring, introduced during the pandemic, helps retailers to manage and control the flow of customers in and around their stores. Sensors detect movement and send data to a retail dashboard that gives retailers insights into their customers, helping them to create a unique, tailored shopping experience for their customers.

Ads & Data

Ads & Data was created by Proximus/Skynet, Pebble Media, Telenet/SBS, and Mediahuis to help advertisers to move even closer to their customers and the needs of those customers by offering a range of premium media channels and a wealth of qualitative data.
The initiative aims to empower the Belgian media industry by keeping advertising expenditure in Belgium.

Helping growth through our ecosystems

With our partners and customers, we create sound ecosystems and develop innovative solutions. To offerbetter experiences to our customers in their day-to-day life, to better guide companies in their digital transformation and to help tackle societal challenges.