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We developed our Pickx platform to deliver entertainment to our customers anytime and anywhere. 
This included launching Pickx+, an exclusive new channel for our All Stars, All Sports, and All Stars & Sports subscribers, offering Pickx+ as a separate TV option accessible via the Pickx app, and introducing Pickx Mix that transforms and simplifies our TV portfolio.

We aspire to make our entertainment platform Proximus Pickx the number one streaming service on the market, providing a broad offer of content and features that add to the viewing experience. Over the coming years, we will further personalize the customer experience through profiling and targeting specific customer segments as well as individual devices.

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Flex was launched as a series of packs that allow families to create a subscription based on the needs of each individual family member. The options include entertainment, data usage, and 5G access.

We have extended Flex to create the Business Flex modular pack for small businesses and self-employed people.

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Cybercrime insurance: Cyber care

While we continue to focus on cybercrime prevention and encouraging digital citizens to remain alert, this is not always enough. With this in mind, we launched Cyber Care with our partner AXA Partners. CyberCare is an insurance policy that offers technical, legal, financial, and psychological support in the event of any cybercrime-related wrongdoing.
Even with prevention efforts, there has been a rapid growth in cybercrime, ranging from cyberbullying to identity and data theft. Figures suggest that 1 in 10 online purchasers have fallen victim to some type of fraud, and 25% of young people have had to face up to some kind of online bullying.

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Smart Wi-Fi at home

In a context where the quality and performance of the internet and Wi-Fi at home or in the office are becoming increasingly crucial, we launched our new Internet Box, enabling a faster, smarter, safer, and more energy-efficient Wi-Fi connection. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh technologies, it offers the fastest in-home Wi-Fi experience on the market, with surfing speeds up to 40% faster than Wi-Fi 5. The Internet Box was also designed to be more environmentally friendly: it uses 24% less energy than the previous generation and the casing is made entirely of recycled plastic.

Our Smart Wi-Fi solution manages all connections and automatically adapts to provide customers with the best Wi-Fi coverage at home.

The new smart Wi-Fi from Proximus


We enhanced MyFootprint, a MyProximus app, developed with CO2logic, that calculates a customer’s CO2 emissions by means of predefined questions. This way, they can see the direct impact of their behavior and take action to reduce any negative effect they have on the environment.

We further partnered with local players in mobility, energy and the service industries to develop and deliver relevant digital services to our customers to manage their household, finances, mobility and health.


The integration of the 4411 mobility service makes it easy for customers to pay for parking.

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The MyFootprint service uses a few predefined questions to give customers insight into their ecological footprint so they can act to reduce their negative effect on the environment.

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Proximus collaborates with the public sector to realise projects that benefit Belgian society

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E-health, E-education and E-banking

Becoming a day-to-day digital companion to our customers

E-banking: Banx & Beats

Working with Belfius Bank, we launched two new services in 2021:

  • Banx
    A fully digital, Belgian banking experience that encourages customers to make more sustainable choices with a dashboard that shows customers the ecological footprint of their purchases. To develop the dashboard, Proximus worked with Doconomy.

    The positive impact on the planet and user-friendliness of the app are key motivators for satisfaction. At the same time, we want to offer our Banx customers a unique digital banking experience: Banx customers can now pay with Bancontact using Apple Pay.
  • Beats
    This exclusive monthly plan bundles banking (accounts, cards, and insurance) with telecommunications (including internet, telephony, TV, and mobile subscriptions).

E-health: Doktr

We launched Doktr, a secure and convenient app, to enable customers to get fast and personal medical advice from a recognised Belgian doctor through a video consultation. The app uses Itsme to ensure a secure login and incorporates a strong data privacy policy. It aims to provide a top-quality experience for the patient, while simultaneously supporting doctors, increasing their efficiency, and reducing their workload.

Several health players reinforced the local ecosystem around Doktr together with Proximus:

  • Alliance with the health insurance funds Christelijke Mutualiteiten/Mutualité Chrétiennes and Solidaris/ Socmut.
  • Domus Medica, the biggest association of general practitioners in Flanders and Brussels.
  • AG Insurance, Belgium’s market leader in group healthcare insurance.


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Helping growth through our ecosystems

Working together is what makes our Belgian economic ecosystem thrive. At Proximus, we believe that partnerships are crucial to growth and innovation . They are also a means to generate more value . Also, by working together we can have a positive impact on the environment and the society at large.